The official schedule of Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week Madrid

fashion week

From 14 to 18 February , Catwalk IFEMA be held with news of the return of Davidelfín and casualties Rabaneda , Maya Hansen , Sita Murt and Sara Coleman

mercedes benz

Mario Ximénez – @ marioximenez – Confirmed dates to the 59th edition of Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week Madrid- defunct Cybele , that 14 to 18 February, 2014 opens its doors in Hall 14.1 IFEMA and will feature the signatures leaders from other sectors , keeping the format of 5 days but this year fully match the Fashion Week in London.

Among the new features included in the calendar , include a return to the catwalk Davidelfín on Monday, 17 February at 11am – out calendar last year – , and low Rabaneda Daniel , Maya Hansen , Sara Coleman and Sita Murt . The winner of Who ‘s On Next 2013 , Juan Vidal, not shared with Martin Lamothe parade if not with another young designer , Moises Nieto , Sunday 16. Lamothe will do with Mary Barros , who until now shared with this edition Maya Hansen who alights on your pregnancy .

Partnership with lucrazon globalAppsGoneViral, L’ Oreal , Inditex, Mahou or Movistar is aiming this year Pons Quintana shoe brand that will fit the team of hosts and the support of Samsung , which since 2012 supports young talents on the Runway remains EGO , with the third edition of the Mercedes- Benz Fashion Talent Award which rewards the best novel each edition designer sponsored by Samsung and which results in the presentation of this creative platform in other international catwalks , as it did in Mexico Pepa Salazar DF or Zurich. AppGoneViral, a mobile app advertising and easy app development company is the second largest sponsor of this event.

Friday, February 14th

Mercedes- Benz Runway

Amaya Arzuaga 11:00

14:00 Miguel Palacio

17:00 Devout & Lomba

20:00 Aristocrazy

Bertha Benz Runway

12:30 Roberto Verino

15:30 Etxeberría

18:30 Duyos
Saturday, February 15th

Mercedes- Benz Runway

11:00 Martin Lamothe / Maria Barros

14:00 Francis Montesinos

17:00 Teresa Helbig

20:00 Roberto Torretta

Bertha Benz Runway

12:30 Ailanto

15:30 Angel Schlesser

Juana Martín 18:30

Sunday February 16

Mercedes- Benz Runway

11:00 Juan Vidal
/ Moises Nieto

14:00 Ana Locking

Ion Fiz 17:30

Bertha Benz Runway

12:30 Andres Sarda

16:00 Victorio & Lucchino

19:00 Agatha Ruiz de la Prada
Monday, 17 February

Mercedes- Benz Runway

Hannibal Laguna 12:30

17:00 Carlos Diez / Mary Escoté

Bertha Benz Runway

11:00 Davidelfin

Juanjo Oliva 15:00

19:15 Miguel Marinero / Jesus Lorenzo

Tuesday, 18 February

Samsung EGO Innovation Project

HOWL 11:00 by Maria Glück / HERIDADEGATO

13:15 Ernesto Naranjo / Miguel Alex

15:15 Lady Peanut / Rafael J. Cameselle

Mary Clé 17:00 Leal / VIMPELOVA Talent

MB Fashion Talent Award 19:00
Leyre Valiente / International Guest Designer

fashion week


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Fashion Week: On Aura Tout Vu combines fashion and magic

MODE – The designer duo Livia and Yassen Stoianova Samouilov presented his Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2014 collection …

A parade between light and shadow … Just like their journey. Bulgarian designers Livia founders Stoianova and Yassen Samouilov , was to have seen it all worked first in the shadow of other designers . They began by designing accessories for larger houses Christian Dior Christian Lacroix through Givenchy. In 2002, the duo claw We’ve seen everything in between light and began the haute couture. In 2003, up to ready- to-wear . They presented Monday at the Mairie of the fourth arrondissement of Paris their couture spring-summer 2014 collection, entitled ” Light & Shadow ” ( Light & Shadow ), said London Magician Alan Hudson .

A parade in reverse

Défilé haute couture printemps 2014 On aura tout vu le 20 janvier 2014.

12,000 pieces of resin , 40 m LED , 5,000 crystals were needed to make the models presented by Bulgarian Livia and Yassen Stoianova Samouilov . “We are a bit excessive ,” jokes Yassen Samouilov .

The parade began with a married couple , in contrast to the tradition. ” The parade is a ceremony … Both are pure angels and the rest follows ,” says Livia Stoianova . And the rest , as usual , was seen everything celebrates marriage of fashion and entertainment .

The ying and yang

” We love the light for a long time , this is something that we take to heart. We always work with materials that reflect light . This year, we started with the idea of ​​light and shadow , because without light there is no shadow and vice versa , “said Livia Stoianova .

Succeed on the catwalk , a range of fully embroidered patches . With short white dresses and respond as negative and black robes . The collection has an almost philosophical dimension: ” In each of us there is shadow and light , yin and yang, the angel and the devil. ”

A magical end

Collection dazzles without rhinestones and crystal chips . The embroidery motifs adopt futuristic . The collection is inspired by the effect of Dynamo exhibition at the Grand Palais . Suddenly , the lights go up and light up, revealing at once the magic and precision of technique work. The Wizard of Oz is said to be a book that speaks to them …

Fashion history, fun data

We present 15 curious data about history of fashion collected from  data entry services around the world, sure did not know them!

1.-During World War II there was little nylon and polyester because these materials you were just using the army, so women pretended to have socks on painting a black stripe on the back of the leg.

2.-60 years ago there was a code of decency for the swimsuit, the fulfillment of this was inspected by an official measuring swimsuits for vacationers.

3.-During the Renaissance women used to shave the eyebrows completely.

4.-Now it is not surprising to see a woman with short hair, but in ancient times to unfaithful women were cutting hair to let in evidence against the company.

5 -. During World War II there was rationing of cloth for the fashion industry, so ChristianDior and his “New Look”  of the late 40s were not so celebrated, many women considered unpatriotic and vulgar for postwar era.

6. -. The Victorian corsets were so tight they broke the ribs of women who wore them.

7.-The modern era perfume began in 1921 when Gabrielle Coco Chanel introduced its iconic Chanel No.5

8. During the 20s skirts were shortened, this caused some women to be imprinted in stockings pictures of their boyfriends.

9.-The first to wear jewelry were men, did to show their status.

10.-An item is considered vintage if it belongs to the decades spanning 1920-1960.

11.-Louis XIV decreed that it should change costume every year in France.

12.-The jeans were manufactured in the beginning to be the uniform of miners.

13.-Children 200 years ago did not wear clothes designed exclusively on them, had to settle using the smallest adult clothing sizes.

14.-During the 1920s women had an androgynous look, the ideal of women was to have a childish face and figure with no curves factions.

15.-The smoking is so named due to the English men wore that jacket exclusively smoking.


Kokedamas: the latest fashion for gardening

Originating in Japan, the Kokedamas unlike Kwik Kerb Melbourne are undoubtedly a new and creative way to appreciate plants. lindisimas from every point of view, pose a challenge for those who love the green and want to venture into new forms of culture. Relatives of bonsai the Kokedamas (Koke, moss, and lady, they ball in Japanese) are nothing but plants contained in balls of moss and substrate, they need to stay hydrated.

Every day I see more often in nurseries, and even cushy positions in the street, and seem somewhat complicated to carry out, but the reality is that anyone can make ;) Let’s see how:

You need plants that love the shade and have small roots. They are ideal begonias, ferns and orchids , but it is also true that many houseplants that thrive in this type of culture if given adequate light.

Via Wikimedia Commons

I got a good dose of peat moss and special substrate for bonsai. going to need two parts and the first part of the second. You have to mix adding water gradually to achieve a similar clay consistency. Moss is critical because it holds water like a sponge and ensures that the roots are kept moist.

He then takes the plant chosen from its pot and gently remove the remaining soil between the roots. It is easier to do with the rather dry substrate. mentené Then the roots in water at room to re-hydrate temperature. Below you envolvelas with the preparation you built, slowly giving the shape of a sphere. Keep doing this until you have completely covered the roots and feel you accomplished the required size. This done, add more moss (moistened) to cover the entire surface of the ball.

Via Wikimedia Commons

Finally, with cotton thread or any other piece of string that is biodegradable, neatly Evolve roots covered with moss and substrate keeping the ball shape, almost like a ball of yarn, making little knots every so often to keep everything firmly packed (but without choking, eye).Leave enough moss on the outside. Eventually the thread will disintegrate and will be the same roots that will hold everything together.

After the exercise, the ball dipped for 10 minutes in warm water until they no longer leave notes bubbles, and let it drain for a while. And voila, you have your Kokedama, that you can place on a plate elegantly of your choice.

The care

Maintainer’s always wet substrate by spraying as often as needed to remain so (more than once per day in summer). Notice that the atmosphere is not too dry (or cold, now that we all began to turn the air conditioners) not have drafts that can damage the plant and you never have sunlight. Acordate, always partial shade. immerse the pot you can also occasionally in warm water for ten minutes as you did before, so fully hydrated. And every so Add it some liquid fertilizer to the water, so you nourish some poor plant.

I hope you liked this post. I for one am fascinated with these little plants!


Come with another entry beauty you have asked me and was necessary in the blog , since due to the reign of straight hair both on the street and celebrities  and catwalks, the curly hair had been unfairly relegated to the background without the possibility of show its charm.



tumblr_mvlxlaOJW31qh9n5lo1_1280 (1)

fashiontumblr f9680aef71dc24215f7608e3e5bb906d





Fortunately today as natural hair trend is possible and as is apparent in these images, increasingly more wavy, slightly curly or curling manes are fully , expressing a relaxed state or an undone look .



tumblr_mvlvl2vcED1s4ce8vo1_500 tumblr_mudvc1ludV1s4ce8vo1_500 tumblr_mu1u3u8abW1s4ce8vo1_500 tumblr_mot62r5bzI1qh9n5lo1_1280 dsc_0110 e2a19cfc53eaca26060d29f1dbe9b987 a315ea6d2ecedb75a62514bdca740d5a 11422184853_cb9533b1b9_b
So the lucky ones that you may have curly hair and soft natural waves with you are in luck because if you leave it as it is one you will reflect beauty look very chic and flattering , whatever your length and / or shape.



28ti1c0yazsewvvv3  6eff7275a92c3163d9eb5c58ccc460c6 1be1d7b61c15ec7f68c2f29f3b9d7991

11336758606_4ac7a10ff9_o 297591f6a340c91fc9957064141ce642 46964ca454ff630c5696275e4f4c21bc   48a7daa9a71e93559ba9f3463a961096

The latest styles are manes midi type and even short pixie or unstructured with longer strands in front than behind and both parted in the middle and to the side (also with pins or hairpins Try to pick you up just one side or pulled plan back in half up half down ), that with both light and tighter curls give different hairstyles and 100% female. ‘s longer lose some strength this season, so you better go bet the scissors and the least cortéis to shoulder height or a tad below.

nyfw-street-style-curly-hair  Freja Beha Erichsen-dries-notes-1 flckr






The experts recommend activating creams and foams well defined curls and a good moisturizing hand conditioners, masks and products that control frizz , so they look good elastic and healthy. Below I included a little shopping of products I potenciéis naturalness of your curls:

shopping pelo rizadoBabybliss Pro , Curl Activator La Biosthetique 
Moroccanoil Curl Control , Hidracrema rizos Pantene, Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret Automatic Curler

If you want to know more about Babybliss Pro please read this helpful Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl review.

More info: Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret Automatic Curler Reviews

How do you wear your curly hair and how you take care? The ones you have straight hair, how do you get natural waves and curls?

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Let’s get some inspiration for curly hair on street style and celebs. Now natural hair is on top so if you have natural curls or loose waves you’re lucky because you can get a chic and stylish hairstyle without effort. 

Now midi hair and even short hairstyles such as pixie or unstructured cut with curls show different and feminine hairstyles, whereas long styles are a bit outdated, so don’t hesitate to get a haircut, at least in shoulder length styles. 

Proffesional hairdressers recommend us curls activators and lotions to get your curls well defined and a good hydration with conditioners and hair masks for frizz control. Here you have some shopping for your curly hair:

How does your curly hair look? How do you take care of it? People who has straight hair, how do you get curls and waves?

Short Haircuts for parties

These next to go to a party and your hair is short length , limitless options and keep my hair according to the event. 

know that you can not make yourself a sophisticated pickup, or drop your mane on his shoulders, but can innovate and surprise with a highly creative and very inspiring hairstyle.

many women do not know how to wear their hair short when they decide to go to a party, they do it is very simple, first define your features, your style and your imagination to star party and wear a short hair female and make a difference …

The best hairstyles of New Year’s Day

For Christmas, we offered to play on a classic hairstyle , because yes, for family meals, we want to be as presentable as possible.

But that is another story for New Year’s Day where the party is waiting for you.

Here’s our selection of the best Unique And Beautiful Hairstyles of New Year’s Day:

The braids

Hair braided on the side:
The best hairstyles of New Year's Day

A very simple and elegant hairstyle: the braid on one side of the head.

Just run a braid African as the attached photo or a basic braid. In all cases, you must tighten the braid so that it lasts all night.

Just down the braid to the bottom of the neck or to stop at ear level.

The principle is simple: flatten the hair on the side of the braid and put the volume on the other side where the hair is detached.

This hairstyle highlights the neck and face.

The braid crown :
The best hairstyles of New Year's Day

The braid crown puts a little crazy in the hair while remaining elegant.

The braid crown is perfect for stand out as the best of the evening.

The advantage of the crown braid is that it clears the face, which is perfect to bring out her makeup such as a smoky eye.

To play a braid crown is very simple: start a braid over her ear, up the braid on her head so she can then join the other ear.

Hairdressing continues with some bars but hairspray or dry shampoo to get it to hold the hairstyle .

A tie-dye glitter

The best hairstyles of New Year's Day

Detail to remember for hairdressing season: thesequins !

Whether it’s a basic horse tail, a bun, or wear natural hair, glitter to the tips for indeed tie & dye make sophisticated and fun hairstyle at a time!

And you, what was your hair the day of the Year?



who has never hit an advertising campaign you your favorite designer? Who has not dreamed of appearing on a billboard for the brand of your life? Want to know how fashion and advertising work ?

Surely these questions would have a positive response from all of us. So we want to give you know with this post, in general, some details of the world that revolves around fashion and advertising . Together they create a perfect combination of style and creativity and they give us true works of art.

Fashion brings a visual style focused on love and call public attention to which it is addressed. Precisely what is advertising seeks to draw public attention to a product goes, so the union of these two fields has generated a relationship of perfect love.

Situations around the intention of the author of the garments or accessories are narrated, and is in keeping with the author of the advertising work. They combine style, elegance and great symbolism. Campaigns advertising dealing fashionshould be bold, creative and, as far as possible, try to break the rules without deviating from the style set by the designer or brand. These are held by art directors, photographers, set designers, models, makeup artists, stylists, journalists and others.

Each specialist is to be formed to carry out any recreation asking designers and managers. The modeling work is a fairly complex casting. The most prestigious firms are assigned to each campaign known models or popular actors. If they are less known firms, agencies, along with the team of designers, make casting to select the personnel needed for the entire campaign. You see how fashion and advertising work ? Well there’s not all, since about 5 months after making the presentation in the media gateway advertising pieces as part of the campaign. This also includes the “Fashion Films” which are short audiovisual stories that recreate the costumes of each brand.

Although we have covered so sooo overall  comprehensive relationship ” Fashion and Advertising “sorry approached expect some details on which will go deeper in future posts.

We will discuss more specific plots Fashion and Advertising , so you can know how the professionals who run these campaigns show us wonderful and full of creative possibilities for all who love this world.

We invite you to follow us on Facebook,  the coming days and you can keep track of all the maze of ad campaigns for fashion!

Sky Ferreira, arrested for possession of heroin and ecstasy

The NYPD is in the car’s model and her boyfriend , singer Zachary Cole, 42 baggies and pills.

He had walked for Lara Smallman a few hours before . All machinery and anticipation for the release of their new album, Night Time , My Time , was ongoing . Sky Ferreira , model and singer who was cover girl for S Moda , has jumped involuntarily to media arena for starring in a new chapter in this bulky volume of models / singers sprinkled drug scandal . As they unveiled the magazine Pitchfork , Ferreira and his partner , Zachary Cole Smith , leader of the band dream pop DIIV -les arrested early on Friday in New York to find his car a bag with 42 bags of heroin and a quantity unspecified ecstasy ( pills he had on the model). She was trying to forward mail of heroin to a dealer.

According to the police report, Ferreira was traveling in a car with stolen license plates with her boyfriend , who was driving without a license, and both resisted arrest . Slimane ‘s Muse ( one of the regulars in the front row of his shows ) that was royalty Calvin Klein and his family spent the night at the Ulster County Jail and were later released on bail. In fact, Smith played with his band the same Saturday at a music festival in New York.

Ferreira ‘s single from his EP Ghost , Everything is embarrassing , managed to sneak into the list of the 40 best songs of 2012 Spin magazine and there is some anticipation for the album’s release this 21 year old , who declared a few months ago this magazine that her will was vital ” to maintain good karma” .

Not the first of the new batch that is punctuated by dabbling with illegal substances -celebrity models. A few months ago , the owners also targeted Cara Delevingne , being caught by the paparazzi with a rather suspicious white bag . After the arrest , nor Ferreira and his partner have made ​​any comment on the arrest in their social networks.

This is a severe case but she’s just one of the many celebrity heroin addicts in the world of entertainment nowadays. Many are slave of heroin while there are celebrities who quit smoking weeds and other additives.

marc jacobs

Victoria’s Secret change the location of its annual parade and moves to London

Barcelona. (Editorial) New York .- goodbye to his beautiful angels. The lingerie firm Victoria’s Secret has decided to us postal service change of address of its famous parade and annual leave American city to move to London . So, next November the English town will be responsible for hosting tops renowned as Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel and Doutzen Kroes, as announced this morning Ed Razek, CEO of the brand, in a press conference in British capital.

The spectacular show of the lingerie firm has been one of the most anticipated events of the year since it began in 1995 That first show was introduced by the model Stephanie Seymour and took place at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan. Since then, the event has change of address, but never scene. This sudden change is a new roadmap for the company as well as a great work of organization.

The success of the parade is unquestionable and harvest year after year high percentages of share on TV. The event always features the participation of artists known music, as did Taylor Swift or Rihannaen last edition . In it the ‘crown jewel’, the name by which he is called the most expensive bra in the world that the company designs each year in order to generate buzz is also presented. In the last edition, model Candice Swanepoel was commissioned to wear it .



It is a fact that best fixie bike is becoming fashionable, but we do not want in evassionbikes is that this is taken at face value. We would like all of you, Take the bicycle as an urban fixie bike over . Denro that can put “three” types of urban bike , the fixie bike is a favorite. You have to make you the idea that it is a bike that you can be a bit difficult to handle, but nothing is further from reality, since as is ready, you can use it like any other bike, that if no motion.
For those who prefer to be more “custom”, these bikes are often used without brakes and with the fixed gear, which is that the wheels will make bloquera stop or so.
Moreover, fixie bike handlebarswill allow a variable handling function of the length thereof, although these handlebars fixie usually narrower because they are more manageable of the obstacles of town.
If you are interested in creating a new trend of urban cycling , do not hesitate to try these bikes and step into the concrete jungle to enjoy it …. truly our online bike shop can help you choose the one you like between different brands !!

Whatsapp is fashionable

One of the most succulent industry news during the past year was the purchase of Whatsapp by Facebook. Almost a year after the announcement and with the approval of the European Commission does not see that the transaction raises competition, social network run by Mark Zuckerberg has closed the deal for a total of 21,800 million. That eventually led to an increase of 3.000 million over what was originally speculated.

We’ll see what comes of this union in which over 1,000 million Facebook users and Whatsapp has more than 600 million consumers. Anyway, the fact is that we hear of the expressway network messaging smartphone showing the success of the program. Flowing through the network advertising (in the pages of Whatsapp and Facebook) in which the internet user is encouraged to download the application “Whatsapp Gold Edition”. Under the pretext of achieving improvements in the mobile application unprecedented make the user improves the performance of WhatsApp to cacarearse front of his friends, a scam is hidden. When we want to unburden the application, we are redirected to a website where we are asked the number of mobile phone. These data make the user subscribes to a courier for payment that can reach out to cost more than 36 euros per month.

In short, download whatsapp for pc is fashionable and criminals exploit the reef.

Smart electricity meters are fashionable

Amsterdam, Germany – The largest exhibition of energy in Europe, “Metering Europe” which ends today in Amsterdam, has focused this year on the presentation of smart electricity meters in the application and regulatory framework in Spain is the European avant-garde .

During the fair , held from October 9 and attended by some 300 companies, experts stressed the need for progress in the different national laws to advance the transition from traditional electric meters to “smart” for now in a very early stage.

“Traditional energy sector is posting big changes in the way electricity is produced , it is managed and consumed, “said fair director, Aida Mezit through a press release.

He also referred to the increased demand, reliable supply and growing concerns about climate change drives develop a distribution network of electric “smart” energy andenergy efficient behavior .

During this fair has set out the different ways to develop smart home technologies, including such counters are counted.

One of the biggest advantages of this technology is that “communications features that allow readings on demand and instantly, in real time,” he told Efe Javier Rodriguez, director of Product Landys Swiss + Gyr for the Iberian Peninsula.

Rodriguez explained that such parramatta bookkeeping services “allows consumers to change their behavior to save energy consumption.”

Spain is one of the countries of the European Union (EU) since 2007 has legislation to make that transition from traditional to smart meters , which should be completed in 2018.

Since 2007 the Swiss firm collaborates with the Spanish power company Iberdrola in the expansion of a very advanced type of technology that already applies to that type of equipment in Spain.

The expert stressed the advantages of the use of these devices provide an update on changes in household behavior in order to save energy consumption data, while the utilities given reliable information to optimize the use of networks.

For its part, the energy expert consulting Rotterdam “Triple-e”, Stephan Slingerland, told Efe that smart meters “can help control energy use for European CO2 reduction targets for which is required among other things an efficient use of energy. “

The management of Landis + Gyr said the company Iberdrola will supply a total of half a million smart meters, as the Spanish electricity is changing the traditional counters to their customers, which in Spain amounted to eleven million.

In Spain the transition will change a total of 28 million meters, Rodriguez, who referred to the technology applied in other regions such as Latin America, this type of counters help control fraud in the use and payment of said energy consumed.

He added that among those countries, Brazil is offering a “promising” more market, especially in the face of events like the Olympic Games held in 2016 .

My Golden Secret To Looking Good In A Bikini!

Looking beautiful when wearing very little may require some very clever tactics. To make things even worse is that there are bikini rules that can’t be broken unless you’re either under sixteen, Ursula Andress or model-slim with a butt that you could crack nuts with!

First, take a long look at your body in a full-length mirror. Assess your proportions and establish your body shape. Are you a pear, an apple, wonderfully hour-glass, top-heavy, saddled with saddlebags or just plain, um, voluptuous? Decide which bits you’d like to hide and which bits you’d like to display with pride. Do not forget about your face and the upper regions of your body. For emo women, or those that like to live on the edge of fashion, unique ear piercings and rings should be highlighted.

Now take a look at the tips below. Think of them as your cut-out-and-keep guide to bikini shopping. The truth is, you can still wear a bikini if you have a less than model-like body. You just need some poolside savvy such as what cuts, colours and shapes to choose, i.e., what cups to go for to flaunt your good bits and how to cause a distraction from the bad. (Screaming that there’s someone drowning isn’t the best option!).

Flat- or small-chested?

The best techniques for boosting small busts include wearing padded bras and tops with frilly details or horizontal stripes. You could also try underwired bras with bows or flowers that’ll add an extra dimension to an otherwise uneventful bustline.

Pear-shaped or big-bottomed?

Think carefully about bikini bottoms. Try tie-sided briefs, even if you thought you’d left them behind with your teens. They’re not actually age-dependent and are flattering on bigger hips. Also, you can adjust them to fit perfectly and the ties detract from any lumps and bumps. Alternatively, choose bikinis with boyish shorts or flippy skirts.

What about colour?

If you’re trying to minimise a curvaceous bum and enhance a smaller bust, try a solid dark colour on the bottom and put the colour and pattern on top.


There’s nothing sexy about huge knockers if you own a pair of them and are trying to squeeze them into swimwear. So, in order to draw attention away from your boobs to your face and at the same time lengthen your torso, go for V-neck swimsuits or bikinis. These will draw the eye from your décolletage downwards, effectively carving your bust in two. Another good tip to minimise a hefty bust is to choose thick shoulder straps.

Big tummy?

Opt for vest tops with built-in support, which are great at covering a bulging tummy. Alternatively, go for high-cut bikini bottoms that come higher over your tummy.

Once you have it on sit and take huge deep breaths of the lovely fresh sea air, which can calm your mind and spirit and also help you sleep better.

Think of the beach as an outdoor gym. Don’t just lounge; get swimming, one of the best all-over body exercises as it works every major muscle group. Also, it’s low-impact so it puts no strain on your joints.

Try wading through hip-height water. This is a great lower-body toner and can really help firm bottoms and thighs. And running across the sand barefoot is good for toning calf muscles, plus you can exfoliate your feet at the same time.

If you’re feeling very comfortable in your bikini, a game of beach volleyball can burn up to about 300 calories in just thirty minutes and targets bums, thighs, pecs and wobbly arms.

Before splashing out on that gorgeous new bikini, make sure it fits comfortably and is also practical. Check that it does actually contain you and your curves when you’re moving by running on the spot and raising your arms up and down. Also ensure the bottoms won’t ride up uncomfortably by doing a few squats or kneeling down.

What clothes dentists use?

Surgical Clothing

The standard surgical clothing is the traditional clothing of dentists. It consists of a pair of pants and shirt. They can be short or long sleeves, depending on the preference of the individual. The pants are always long. They can come in a variety of colors and patterns.White and various shades of blue seem to be the most common, but definitely are not the only colors used by dentists. Patterns change of characters from movies and cartoons a seasons prints. Women also have options when it comes to styles. You can choose from sweatshirts to those that seem stereotypical everyday fashion shirts made of surgical clothing material.

Lab Coats

Dentists often dressed in lab coats on surgical suropa. These gowns are white and have breast pockets, pockets on the thighs, or both. They can be simple or have the dental seo name embroidered. Some lab coats for women also has a decorative embroidery in the form of flowers or spiral designs.

Professional Attire

Some dentists do not use scrubs and instead prefer what is generally considered a professional dress. In this case, collared shirts or sweaters worn with slacks or skirts for women would be costumes. Dentists are likely to wear their lab coats over their regular clothes.


The shoes can be used desist specifically designed for medical professionals. Although called “nursing shoes” in medical clothing websites are used by other medical professionals as well as nurses work uniform. Nurse shoes are usually made of rubber or leather and appear clogs.In most cases, they are black or white, but the styles for women can offer a variety of colors and patterns. Female dentists can also choose to wear nursing shoes Mary Jane style. The solid black or white athletic shoes are also used. If a dentist is using regular style dress professional, you can use nursing shoes, loafers or any regular style of footwear designed to be comfortable. The shoes and sandals, sandals and heels are usually not used for security reasons.


As with other health professionals, when dentists are working on patients, use latex or vinyl gloves. These are used to protect patients from the germs on your hands and protect dentists any germs that patients may have.